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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Optimized WordPress Website: A Professional Step-by-Step Tutorial
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Navigating the Transition: INP Becomes a Core Web Vital, FID Deprecation
The ever-evolving landscape of web development and user experience brings new challenges and opportunities for developers. In this fast-paced environment, the Web Vitals program plays a crucial role in helping web developers measure and improve key aspects of user experience.
Delete attachments automatically while deleting posts/articles
WordPress allows us to delete posts, pages, or WooCommerce product pages, but the media library still retains all of the content’s images. Although it can be set aside for later use, the disadvantage is that it will use host resources.
Essential Guide To Web Hosting
Web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows every individual, organization, or company to create their website by placing information on the internet in the form of FTP, EMAIL, HTTP, or DNS that can be accessed through the World Wide Website. In an analogy, the website is like a building, and […]
WordPress: Too many redirects
If WordPress is hosted behind a reverse proxy that provides SSL, but is hosted itself without SSL. These options will initially send any requests into an infinite redirect loop.