9 Ways to Boost Your WooCommerce Product Page Conversion Rate

ionicons-v5-k By Team Fullstack January 31, 2022

WooCommerce has made it incredibly convenient for businesses to set-up their online stores. With the use of WooCommerce, any WordPress website can be turned into a fully functional e-commerce website.                  

Did you know that WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for adding e-commerce functionality to a website? It is because using a WooCommerce website is easy for online shoppers as well as the owners of a business.  

If you have been using WooCommerce plugin but still not getting the desired conversion rate, then you are at the right place. We present to you ways through which you can increase your WooCommerce product page conversion rate.            

9 simple ways to boost your WooCommerce product page conversion rate—

1. Ease of Finding the Right Products.

This is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to a WooCommerce website, and yet, it is often not taken into consideration.   

When a person lands on your website, it should be incredibly easy for the potential buyer to find the product that they are looking for.      

Remember that they might have other options to buy the same kind of product from. So why give them a reason to leave your website?            

If it takes too much time and effort for the buyers to find the product they want, there is a pretty good chance that it won’t convert into a sale.

Now, the question is, how can you make it easier for potential buyers to find the products they are looking for?     

One of the best ways to do that is by improving onsite searches. Index all the products properly so that they appear in relevant searches.         

Put filters to make it easier for shoppers to find the exact product that they are trying to find on the website.

If you offer different kinds of products on your online shopping website, then make sure that the filters you provide are in accordance with those products.  

When it comes to making it easy for shoppers to find the products, an important factor is navigation. 

You can use a layered product navigation system on your product-selling website. Doing this would make it easy for online shoppers to find the products based on price range, size, colour, category, etc.  

An important part of the buying process is comparing one product with another. Clients of online businesses like to compare the product they are considering for purchase with other similar products.          

The prices of two or more products, the colour options, the features those products might have and don’t have— everything is taken into consideration before an online shopper buys a product.

So, providing all these options to an online shopper would boost the chances of conversion.     

In addition to this, you can add a live chat button in order to make it easy for potential buyers to find the product they want.

Some people like to interact and get assistance in finding the right product. Hence, giving them the option of chatting with a support team and finding the required product would help in boosting sales.      

2. Simple Check-out System.

The more steps there are at the time of check-out, the greater the chance of you losing a potential client.     

So, it is important that you shorten and simplify the check-out process. WooCommerce enables your website to have one-page check-outs and guest check-outs. 

Having these two options means that a buyer does not need to go through a lengthy and complicated process in order to purchase an item.               

No one wants to fill out tons of pages of information every time they try to buy something.

So, simplifying the check-out process is a great way to boost your WooCommerce product page conversion rate.                   

3. Improve Your UI.    

Though User Interface (UI) is crucial for the success of any website, it is even more important for a WooCommerce website.

When a person visits your online shopping website, the person should find it easy to browse the website. Also, people should be able to find their preferred products easily.          

There are various factors that make a UI complete. And to ensure that you are using your UI to its optimum potential, you need to improve all the factors that a UI comprises.

Remember that online shoppers depend greatly on product images. So, e-commerce websites need to use high-quality images that are also fast-loading.

The ‘add to cart’ button needs to be put in an easily noticeable place. The call to action (CTA) should also be clear and easy to understand.

The UI design and colours should be interesting enough for potential customers tostay and browse your online business website for a long period.

Boring colours and too simple or too complicated UI would chase the online buyers away.

Improving the UI of your website is deeply connected to boosting the sales of your online shopping website.    

4. Get Product Reviews.

Getting product reviews is one of the simplest ways to boost your WooCommerce product page conversion rate. It is also an essential factor for increasing sales.

There is a greater chance for a potential buyer to turn into an actual customer if they see a particular product being recommended by other customers.

A positive product review is basically an indirect message that tells a potential customer in your shopping website that a particular product is good enough for purchase.                           

5. Rescue Lost Conversions.  

Various case studies have shown that as much as 98% of online shoppers won’t make a purchase from your online shopping website on their first visit.

And since getting traffic in the first place is a challenge, many online stores have to tackle this additional challenge as well.

So, how do you rescue the lost conversions on your e-commerce website? The best way to do that is by setting up a wishlist feature on your cybershopping website.

Sometimes, a person may like a product but still not be ready to purchase it at that moment for various reasons.

Providing that person with the option of putting their desired product on a wishlist improves the chances of that item getting sold. Even if it is at a later date.  

Just make sure that you put the wishlist button on your product page. This way, the cyber shoppers would be able to save the desired product. And, come back later to complete the purchase. 

You can also send abandonment emails to potential clients informing them about the items sitting in their online shopping carts. You can also attach a link via which the shopper can complete the payment process.

Sending an abandonment email is one of the most efficient ways of boosting your WooCommerce product page conversion rate.     

6. Run Promotional Offers.

Running promotional offers have been a great tool for online shopping platforms.

But only running those offers are not enough anymore. You need to create urgency with those offers as well.

One way to create urgency in promotional offers is by putting a time limit on it. You can put a timer along with the price on the product page to let customers know when the offer ends.

You can also create a quantity related urgency by mentioning that only two pieces of a particular product are left. This would prompt the online shoppers to make the purchase quickly.                  

7. Mobile-friendly Website.

Did you know that 56% of sales are from mobile devices? Yes, that many. So, it is important for you to make your e-commerce website as mobile- friendly as possible.      

In order to make your shopping website mobile- friendly, always make sure that you test the UI on mobile phones too.  

Your online store needs to be as responsive as possible.

And a vital part of making a shopping website highly- responsive is by ensuring that it doesn’t take too long to load on the screen.    

Easy navigation is also a key factor when it comes to making your online shopping website mobile- friendly.

Having a smooth navigation system helps greatly in WooCommerce conversion.             

8. Personalise Your Pages.

A certain section of potential customers expect personalization of the pages on your e-commerce website.   

Based on location, you can use a plugin to display the content in the local language of a particular region.

This helps in making your website more appealing to a wider customer- base.

While selling products online, you can also use a dynamic tag that greets a returning customer by their name instead of a generic welcome message.    

This adds a personal touch that is always appreciated by a potential client. 

9. Optimise WooCommerce SEO.  

WooCommerce SEO is somewhat different from the SEO in the rest of the pages on your online shopping website.          

On an online product-selling platform you get only a few places where you can put keywords for optimising SEO.

Those places include slugs, metadata, and two product description areas on the product page.               

In order to optimise WooCommerce SEO, you can also put metadata in your images. Make sure that those images are fast- loading.

And you would have to ensure that the metadata in the images describe the products accurately.

As competition is high these days, having a great website is crucial for the success of any online business. Following the above-mentioned tips for boosting WooCommerce product page conversion rate should help you further your business goals. 


Team Fullstack Posted on January 31, 2022
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